Can Automatic Writing Help Me Find Answers?



Automatic writing has become a popular practice among many spiritual seekers. It is believed to help people access their intuition and find answers from within themselves. But can this type of free-flowing, non-linear form of communication really provide meaningful insight?

In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of automatic writing for those who are looking for deeper understanding and clarity in life. Automatic writing involves channeling thoughts and feelings onto paper without any deliberate thought or intention on the part of the writer.

Some view it as a way to connect with one’s subconscious mind or higher self. Others believe that it can be used as a tool for accessing knowledge beyond our conscious awareness. Whatever your reasons for engaging in automatic writing, there are some important things to keep in mind before you start.

What Is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is a type of mindful meditation that involves connecting with the spiritual realm to receive answers and guidance. It is often used as an aid for self-exploration, healing, and enlightenment by allowing the individual to connect with their subconscious mind in order to gain insight into difficult questions or problems they are facing.

This practice requires one to enter into a relaxed, meditative state while focusing on their breathing and allowing any thoughts, images, or feelings that come up during this process to be released.

During automatic writing sessions, individuals typically use pen and paper to write down whatever words or phrases come to them without judgement or censorship. The goal here is not necessarily to make sense of what’s being written but simply allow it all flow through you regardless of whether it feels good or bad.

This can help create deeper clarity about your current situation since our conscious minds tend to get stuck in patterns of thought which inhibit us from seeing solutions clearly. With practice, one can begin to recognize when their higher self is speaking versus when their ego has taken over.

Ultimately this helps open up channels of communication between the spirit world and ourselves so we can tap into its wisdom in times of need. To further explore the benefits of automatic writing let’s move onto the next section…

Benefits Of Automatic Writing

Automatic writing has the potential to provide many benefits, from cultivating creativity and emotional healing, to uncovering insights into our own lives.

One of the main advantages of automatic writing is that it can help us access untapped parts of ourselves. Through this practice, we can explore new ideas or gain insight into unresolved issues in our lives. We may even find answers to questions we had not previously considered.

Furthermore, automatic writing can be used as a tool for emotional healing and self-discovery. It gives us an opportunity to connect with our innermost emotions and thoughts without judgment or criticism. This can lead to greater understanding of ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.

Additionally, automatic writing helps cultivate creativity by allowing us to express our feelings freely through words rather than traditional forms of art such as painting or sculpting.

In addition to these psychological benefits, automatic writing also enables individuals to develop their spiritual awareness and intuition. By engaging in this type of creative expression, one can open themselves up to unseen realms that could potentially provide guidance on life’s journey and personal growth opportunities. With regular practice, those who use automatic writing may discover deeper truths about themselves and eventually learn how best to work towards achieving their goals in life.

Allowing yourself time for reflective thought via automatic writing is a highly beneficial way of exploring your inner-self while also developing your skillset in communication – both internally and externally. From discovering new depths within oneself, gaining clarity on difficult situations, documenting important events; all are possible when taking part in this process which leads ultimately toward increased confidence and self-awareness over time – regardless if you’re just starting out or have been doing so for some years already!

Let’s now look at how we can get started with Automatic Writing…

How To Get Started With Automatic Writing

Automatic writing can be an effective tool for finding answers and gaining clarity into life’s questions.

To get started with this form of writing, it is important to create a safe and comfortable space that allows you to relax and open your mind.

To prepare the environment, many people turn to guided meditations or creative visualization exercises. These activities help the individual enter a relaxed state of consciousness so they can focus on their thoughts without external interruptions.

In addition to relaxation techniques, another key element in automatic writing is making sure that you are in tune with yourself by listening closely to what comes up within you as you write.

This type of self-listening helps bring forth insights that may have been lying dormant beneath the surface. It also encourages honest expression which leads to greater understanding of oneself and one’s circumstances.

By allowing yourself time for introspection through automatic writing, you will gain deeper insight into who you are and how best to proceed forward in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Automatic Writing Reliable?

The reliability of automatic writing is often a topic of debate. Some believe that it can be used to make spiritual connections and uncover self-discovery, while others are more skeptical about its role in finding answers.

It requires an open and receptive state of mind and some patience before any results become evident. Although skeptics may doubt the validity of this practice, those who have experienced it first hand tend to rely on it as a reliable source for insight into their lives.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Automatic Writing?

When considering the risks associated with automatic writing, it is important to first understand what this practice entails.

Automatic writing is a form of divination that involves surrendering control of one’s hand and allowing an unseen influence to take over.

While some believe that this can help uncover hidden truths and gain mental clarity, there are potential risks involved.

Automatic writing may lead to contact with entities or energies that could be negative or harmful in nature, leading to disturbances in mental health.

It is also possible for practitioners to become too deeply invested in their automatic writing sessions, affecting overall wellbeing if not done safely and responsibly.

Does Everyone Have The Ability To Do Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is an intuitive process that can provide insight and clarity, but many people wonder if everyone has the ability to do it.

The answer is yes! With some practice, anyone can learn how to access their inner wisdom through automatic writing in order to reap its potential benefits.

However, there are also potential pitfalls of which one should be mindful when engaging with this technique, such as becoming overwhelmed or relying too heavily on external sources for answers.

Ultimately, understanding the risks associated with automatic writing can help ensure a successful experience.

Does Automatic Writing Require Any Special Tools Or Materials?

Automatic writing is a form of divination which does not require any special tools or materials.

It can be done by anyone with the right meditation techniques, allowing them to access knowledge beyond their conscious mind.

Although it’s most often done as part of spiritual practice, it can also be used simply to gain insight into one’s own thoughts and feelings without having to use additional tools like tarot cards or runes.

How Long Does It Take To Become Proficient In Automatic Writing?

Becoming proficient in automatic writing can take some time, but it’s a great way to gain intuitive guidance and clarity.

With practice, you will begin to understand the messages from your subconscious mind more quickly and easily.

As with any new skill, the more you use it, the better you become at interpreting and understanding what is being communicated through this process.

Intuitive clarity comes with consistency of practice and patience as you learn how to decipher these messages into meaningful insights that can help guide your life decisions.


Automatic writing can be a powerful tool for those seeking answers to difficult questions. For some, it’s an invaluable asset that taps into the subconscious and provides clarity in times of confusion.

However, this practice isn’t without risks – so before you dive in, take time to research the process thoroughly and make sure it’s right for you.

Alliteration aside, if done properly with patience and dedication, automatic writing may prove to be a helpful way for me to find what I’m looking for.

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