What Is Psychic Levitation?



Psychic levitation is a fascinating phenomenon where an individual can seemingly defy the laws of gravity.

This article will explain what psychic levitation is and how it works, as well as discuss some of the theories behind this mysterious power.

Psychic levitation has been reported in many cultures throughout history by people with special abilities or talents.

It’s believed that these individuals are able to harness their mental energy to manipulate physical objects, enabling them to make things float in mid-air.

While there isn’t much scientific evidence for this phenomenon, its continued presence in mythologies and folklore suggests that something extraordinary may be taking place.

Definition Of Psychic Levitation

Psychic levitation is an alleged paranormal power that enables an individual to move objects with their mind, also known as psychokinesis.

It involves using the energy of one’s thoughts and intentions to cause a physical object to rise into the air without any physical contact or assistance from another person.

This phenomenon has been reported in many spiritual circles but remains largely mysterious and unproven by scientific means.

One example of psychic levitation was recorded in India in 1985 when a yogi reportedly rose 8 feet above the ground while meditating on a raised platform for several days.

Witnesses claimed they saw him remain suspended in midair during this time, though it could not be independently verified.

Further investigations have led some to believe that such feats are possible through mental focus and concentration combined with strong spiritual beliefs and practices.

How Does It Work?

I’ve heard of psychokinesis, which is the ability to move objects with thought energy.

Magnetism and mental focus are also important when it comes to psychic levitation.

Visualization and visual cues are key factors in understanding how to use bioenergetics, quantum mechanics, and inertia in order to intentionalize psychic power and achieve psychic weightlessness.


Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with one’s mind, or in other words, telekinetic power.

It involves harnessing psychic energy and using it to interact with physical matter.

In most cases, psychokinesis refers to an individual’s ability to manipulate small objects; however some people claim to be able to levitate large items such as furniture.

Some believe that this type of mental manipulation can only be achieved through meditation and concentration on a particular object.

Despite its perceived difficulty, there have been documented cases of people who possess these remarkable abilities.

Whether or not you choose to believe in the possibility of psychokinesis is up for debate, but those who witness it are often left amazed by what they’ve seen.

Thought Energy

While psychokinesis is an impressive display of mental energy, there are other forms of psychic powers that are said to be possible.

One such power involves the use of thought energy or ‘mental focus’. This type of ability relies on a person’s ability to direct their thoughts in order to create tangible results.

It may involve sending out healing energies for another person, influencing events and outcomes, or even manipulating physical objects with nothing more than one’s mind.

While these abilities have yet to be proven scientifically, many people believe strongly in them based on personal experience and stories from others who have witnessed it firsthand.

There’s no denying the potential power of thought energy when used properly, and more research into how this works could help unlock its full potential.


By controlling psychokinetic energy, some believe it’s possible to influence magnetic fields and even manipulate metal objects. This type of psychic ability is known as magnetism, and it has been studied by those interested in the power of thought energy for centuries.

In fact, many renowned scientists have speculated about the potential applications of this force – from levitation to invisibility! While conclusive proof of its existence remains elusive, there are plenty of anecdotal accounts that suggest its real-world implications may be more substantial than we think.

Could harnessing our own psychic abilities allow us to explore the boundaries between reality and fantasy? It certainly appears that way!

Examples In History And Mythology

Psychic levitation is the ability to use psychokinetic energy to lift an object off the ground, or even a person’s body. Throughout history and mythology, there have been numerous examples of psychic levitation in practice.

For instance:

  1. In Hinduism, the Yogi Adiguru Shankaracharya was said to be able to levitate while meditating due to his mastery over ancient religious rituals.
  2. The ancient Chinese Taoist masters were believed to possess the power of psychokinesis as well – stories of them flying through the air with their spiritual powers are still recounted today.
  3. Ancient Greek accounts tell tales of supernatural beings who could move objects with their minds and fly without wings using only mental prowess.

These historical demonstrations indicate that psychic levitation has existed since ancient times and continues up until now. It raises interesting questions about what kind of forces lie underlying this phenomenon and how it can be tapped into by those seeking access to such power. These ideas will be explored further in the section on theories behind psychic levitation that follows next.

Theories Behind Psychic Levitation

One could be forgiven for being sceptical about the concept of psychic levitation. After all, it sounds more like something out of a fantasy novel than reality. However, many believe that this phenomenon is real, and there are various theories which explain how it works.

The most popular theory suggests that in order to achieve levitation someone must use mystical energies combined with mental focus. This table helps demonstrate these two components:

Mystical EnergiesMental Focus
In other words, achieving psychic levitation requires an individual to combine their spiritual beliefs with intense concentration on what they want to manifest into physical form. It’s believed that by doing so one can access certain powers within themselves and lift off the ground using only their mind. Therefore, while skeptics may remain unconvinced, those who accept the power of the human spirit know that anything is possible when we put our minds to it!

Scientific Evidence For Psychic Levitation

Psychic levitation is a phenomenon that has been studied for centuries, and it involves the ability of an individual to lift objects with sheer spiritual power alone.

Many believe that this is done through some kind of mystical connection between the person and whatever object they are attempting to move. This type of paranormal activity has been reported in many different cultures throughout history.

Despite its long-standing presence in culture, there remains little scientific evidence to prove or disprove psychic levitation’s existence. However, those who have experienced it firsthand claim that it can be achieved if one focuses hard enough on their own spiritual power.

While further research needs to be conducted into psychic levitation, there is no denying its potential as a legitimate form of paranormal activity. It may well be that we must look beyond our known physical world for answers about its capabilities and mysteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Psychic Levitation Dangerous?

Psychic levitation can be a dangerous practice, and it should only be done under the guidance of an experienced psychic or spiritual practitioner.

Psychic training is essential to safely navigate this type of spiritual development as it requires mastering one’s own energy field in order to lift themselves off the ground.

This can take a great deal of time and dedication, however, so those who are considering attempting psychic levitation should proceed with caution.

Is Psychic Levitation Real?

The question of whether psychic levitation is real has been debated by believers and skeptics alike for centuries.

While some believe that this phenomenon can be achieved through astral projection, others argue it requires a heightened level of spiritual energy or even psychic protection.

Ultimately, the answer to this complex inquiry will depend on each individual’s own worldview as there is no scientific evidence to support either side definitively.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Psychic Levitation?

Psychic levitation is a technique of energy manipulation that involves raising an object off the ground without physical contact.

While it is possible to achieve this effect through psychic means, there are risks associated with it.

Specifically, those who engage in this practice should be aware of their own energetic boundaries and take protective measures like visualizing themselves surrounded by white light or using crystals for psychic protection, as they can become vulnerable to negative energies while manipulating theirs.

How Can I Learn To Do Psychic Levitation?

Learning how to do psychic levitation can be a tricky process, but with the right guidance it’s possible.

Psychic levitation is an astral projection technique that relies on mind control and visualization of energy.

It involves focusing your mental energies on a particular object or person in order to make them move without physical contact.

Many experts suggest starting by practicing meditation and visualizing yourself as having superhuman powers before attempting this type of skill.

With practice and dedication, you may find success in learning how to perform psychic levitation.

What Are The Benefits Of Psychic Levitation?

Feeling stuck in life or overwhelmed by stress?

Psychic levitation offers a unique way to unlock spiritual healing and mental clarity. By harnessing the power of energy, this ancient practice lifts your consciousness into higher realms of awareness—allowing you to gain insight about yourself and your environment that was previously inaccessible.

This helps bring greater clarity as well as peace and balance back into your life so you can start making positive changes from within.


Psychic levitation is an interesting phenomenon that many people are curious about.

It can be a powerful experience, but it does require careful practice to ensure safety and maximum benefits.

Those willing to put in the effort can find themselves soaring with joy as they become more connected to their spiritual self through this incredible ability.

It’s like tapping into a never-ending fountain of energy, allowing you to explore aspects of yourself that may have been hidden away until now.

With time and dedication, anyone can learn how to master psychic levitation – so why not take the plunge?

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