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Understanding and dealing with Dark magic and learning about ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, apparitions, EVP, Ouija boards, and paranormal investigation. Learning how to channel, and communicate with the ghost world.

  • digital ouija board recommendations

    Best Digital Ouija Board Apps and Platforms in 2024

    Heading into 2024, get ready for an exciting lineup of the top digital Ouija board apps and platforms. If you’re fascinated by the cutting-edge AI of Hasbro’s AI Ouija, or if you’re looking for deeply immersive experiences over at, you’re in for a treat. And let’s not forget about the unique sessions you can…

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  • types of ouija boards

    Exploring the Different Types of Ouija Boards

    So, you’re about to dive into a world where Ouija boards are way more than just something you pull off a game shelf. Imagine this: you’re touching the smooth, intricately carved surface of a traditional wooden board. Feels like you’re connecting to some mysterious, historic past, right? Now, picture sliding a planchette over a sleek,…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Benevolent? Is It Even possible? Find Out

    Have you ever heard strange noises coming from an empty room or furniture moving around on its own? You may have encountered a poltergeist or poltergeist. A poltergeist is an invisible spirit that manifests through loud noises and physical interactions with objects. As mysterious as they are, there has been much speculation about whether these…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Stopped? What Is The Possibility?

    Have you ever noticed strange occurrences happening in your home that can’t be explained? These things could be attributed to poltergeists, from mysterious noises to objects being moved around. But what is a poltergeist, and more importantly, can they be stopped? In this article, I’ll provide an overview of what a poltergeist is and the…

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  • Can Poltergeists Interact With Humans? Find Out The Possibility

    Have you ever experienced strange phenomena in your home? Doors suddenly opening or closing, lights turning on and off, objects moving without explanation? If so, you could have encountered a poltergeist. But what exactly is a poltergeist? Are they real? Can they interact with humans? To answer these questions, this article will explore the evidence…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Summoned? Let’s Find Out

    I’m sure you’ve heard stories about poltergeists. These supernatural beings are said to be able to cause disturbances in our physical world, like knocking on walls or moving objects around. But can they really be summoned? In this article, I’ll investigate the topic and explore the potential dangers of trying to summon a poltergeist. We’ll…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Controlled? Find Out

    Since the dawn of human civilization, tales of strange and unexplainable phenomena have captivated our imaginations. One such phenomenon is that of poltergeists – mysterious entities said to haunt certain locations and cause unexplained disturbances. But can these forces be controlled? In this article, we will explore the evidence for poltergeist activity as well as…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Exorcised? Find Out

    For centuries, there have been tales of poltergeists haunting houses and wreaking havoc on those inhabiting them. But can these supernatural entities be exorcised? In this article, I’m going to explore the history of poltergeists and discuss some beliefs and techniques used to exorcise them. I’ll also examine whether or not it’s possible actually to…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Heard?

    For centuries, people have reported strange and unexplainable paranormal phenomena such as poltergeists. But can these supernatural entities actually be heard? In this article, I’ll explore historical beliefs and accounts of poltergeist activity, investigate evidence suggesting they may make noise, and provide advice on how to handle a potential haunting. Whether you’re skeptical or a…

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  • Can Poltergeists Be Photographed?

    With the lights off, I’m standing alone in a room that’s been plagued with poltergeist activity for weeks. The floorboards creak and the windows shake as if something unseen is at work, but there’s nothing to be seen. Can these paranormal beings actually be photographed? Throughout history, people have reported strange occurrences of poltergeists wreaking…

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