5 Most Famous Automatic Writers Throughout History And Today



Automatic writing has been around for centuries, and is a form of spiritual communication that can be used to receive messages from the spirit world. It’s an intriguing concept to many people, and throughout history there have been famous automatic writers who are known for their abilities.

Automatic Writers Throughout History And Today

In this article we’ll explore five of the most well-known automatic writers, both historically and in present day.

The first automatic writer on our list is Aleister Crowley (1875–1947). He was an occultist renowned as one of the most influential figures in magic during his lifetime. Crowley developed techniques such as Thelemic Magick which made use of automatic writing to guide him through trance states and communicate with otherworldly entities. His writings in particular had a huge influence on modern occultism, making him one of the most important figures in its history.

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was one of the most renowned occultists and writers in history. He was a prolific writer, with many works exploring his philosophy about the occult and metaphysical knowledge. In particular, he believed that by studying ancient texts such as The Book of the Law, individuals could unlock their true spiritual potential. Through this understanding, he sought to create an entirely new form of esoteric practice known as ‘Thelema.’

His writing style has also been characterized by its boldness and daring exploration into topics both controversial and taboo at times. For example, some have found his writings on sexual magick provocative or even unsettling.

While Aleister Crowley’s influence is still highly visible today, his legacy continues to be debated among many circles within the Occult community. Today it remains unclear if those who follow him are doing so out of admiration or skepticism.

Nevertheless, Crowley’s work will continue to inspire generations of seekers after truth for years to come.

With that said, another figure from early 20th century Europe made an equally impressive mark on the world of automatic writing: Helene Smith.

Helene Smith

Helene Smith, a Swiss medium and one of the most famous automatic writers in history, was an important figure in spiritualism vs. materialism debates. Her story is remarkable—not only did she claim to be able to communicate with spirits from Mars, but she also wrote her messages using a planchette while under hypnosis.

Furthermore, despite being questioned by some of the most skeptical minds at the time, including those of renowned psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung, Helene never wavered from her beliefs that extrasensory communication was possible. Her skillful writing techniques were often so detailed and convincing that many people assumed she had been coached beforehand on what to say; however, Helene maintained steadfastly that all writings were coming directly from interplanetary entities who communicated through her during trance states.

As news about her spread throughout Europe, more and more people began flocking to see this modern-day prophetess for themselves—and many left convinced of her extraordinary powers. With each passing day, it became increasingly clear to everyone involved that the world could no longer ignore or dismiss automatic writing as mere trickery or nonsense. Moving into uncharted territory with every message delivered via spirit handwritings, Helene Smith definitively altered human perspectives on extrasensory communication forever.

Jane Roberts

Let’s start with Jane Roberts’ Writings; she wrote numerous books, manuscripts and essays throughout her lifetime.

Then, we can move on to her Biography; she was a renowned author and psychic medium who changed the way people saw the spirit world.

Jane Roberts’ Writings

Jane Roberts was an automatic writer who rose to fame in the mid-1960s. Her writings, which she channeled from a spirit entity named Seth, became widely influential and popular among many spiritual communities.

Through her mediumship, Roberts explored alternative interpretations of Jungian symbolism that allowed for greater understanding of complex psychological concepts like mind-body dualism and archetypes. She also wrote extensively on topics such as reincarnation, meditation techniques, past life regression and more.

While some critics have argued that Jane Roberts’ writing is not based on scientific evidence or fact, it remains one of the most important pieces of literature within its genre today. With her work still inspiring millions around the world even after her death in 1984, there’s no denying Jane Roberts’ lasting impact on modern spirituality.

Jane Roberts’ Biography

Jane Roberts was a remarkable woman and her life story is just as fascinating as the works she produced.

She came to spiritual awakening through an exploration of mind-body connection that began at age 23 when she realized that there were other realms outside our physical reality.

In addition to writing about Jungian symbolism and psychological concepts, she also wrote extensively on topics such as meditation techniques, reincarnation, and past life regression.

Her writings have inspired millions around the world and continue to do so even after her death in 1984.

Jane Roberts will forever be remembered for her groundbreaking work which has helped many people make sense of complex issues like mind-body dualism and archetypes throughout their spiritual journey.

Stephen Laberge

Stephen LaBerge is a renowned expert on lucid dreaming, having conducted extensive research into the phenomenon. He has developed techniques to induce conscious awareness in sleep and shared them with the world through his books and seminars.

LaBerge’s work has been praised for its potential to help people tap into a higher state of consciousness and unlock divine inspiration from within. His studies have shown that lucid dreaming can be used as an effective tool for self-exploration and even personal growth.

LaBerge has had many notable successes in his career, including being featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the BBC television series Wonders of Life. He continues to share his knowledge about dream states through lectures around the globe, inspiring others to explore their inner realms.

With this understanding, we move onto Ruth Montgomery, who was another influential figure when it came to automatic writing.

Ruth Montgomery

One of the most famous automatic writers throughout history is Ruth Montgomery. Her ability to connect with a spiritual force and explore matters beyond the veil has made her an icon for those searching for synchronicity in their lives.

But ironically, she was not always a believer in these otherworldly forces that seemed to be guiding her work. In fact, it wasn’t until later in life when she decided to put aside her skepticism and embrace the deeper exploration of spirituality that allowed her access to such powerful insight.

It’s no wonder then why even today, people are still drawn to Ruth Montgomery as someone who can help them unlock their own inner power; after all, it was through this same process that she discovered hers. By opening up herself completely and allowing whatever spirit or energy wanted to come forward, Ruth opened up a whole new realm of understanding and connection between the physical world and its spiritual counterparts.

And while some may never understand how this works exactly, there’s no denying that what she accomplished has proven invaluable over time – both in terms of personal growth and collective knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible For Anyone To Become An Automatic Writer?

It is possible for anyone to become an automatic writer, as it can be a creative and spiritual form of expression.

Automatic writing involves receiving messages from spiritual guidance or the unconscious mind, where words are written without conscious thought.

It has been said that many famous writers throughout history have used this technique in some way when crafting their work.

In modern times, there are still individuals who practice automatic writing as an artistic outlet or means of connecting with something greater than themselves.

It requires patience and dedication to hone one’s skills at automatic writing but ultimately it can lead to a more profound understanding of oneself and the world around them.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Automatic Writing?

Are There Any Risks Associated With Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a form of communication that many people have practiced, but few understand. While it can be an incredible tool for obtaining spiritual guidance and connecting with supernatural forces, there are risks associated with the practice.

For instance, if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing or isn’t familiar enough with the process, their automatic writing may lead them to make decisions based on incorrect information from unknown sources. This can create confusion and possibly even danger for those who aren’t careful when engaging in this activity.

Therefore, anyone considering taking up automatic writing should first research its potential benefits as well as its possible risks before attempting it.

What Techniques Are Used To Induce Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is a type of divination in which the person induces an altered state of consciousness to access spiritual guidance or receive messages from beyond.

To induce automatic writing, various techniques are employed such as meditative practices and other forms of divination methods.

These techniques allow for the individual to enter into a higher level of awareness, enabling them to access information that isn’t available under normal circumstances.

The goal is to create an open channel between the conscious and subconscious mind so that information can be revealed without any preconceived ideas about what should be said or written down.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice to tap into psychic connection and altered states of consciousness. It is believed that the benefits of this form of writing can include being able to access intuitive knowledge, developing creativity, improving self-awareness, embracing honesty with oneself, and finding clarity in difficult situations.

Automatic writing may also be helpful for accessing repressed memories or emotions that are otherwise too challenging to confront. Additionally, there have been reports of improved sleep quality after engaging in automatic writing sessions.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence To Support Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing has long been a topic of debate among scientists and psychologists, with some claiming that it carries scientific implications.

Many have questioned whether there is any evidence to support this practice as an actual phenomenon, prompting further research into the psychology and scientific implications of automatic writing.

While no conclusive answers exist yet, many researchers are continuing to explore this intriguing field in hopes of finding more definitive solutions.


The mysterious practice of automatic writing has been a subject of debate for centuries. Although there is no scientific evidence to back its claims, many believe that it can provide unique insights into the subconscious mind and even predict the future.

Whether one chooses to explore this avenue or not, it is clear that those who have utilized automatic writing in their lives have experienced powerful results. Ultimately, each person must decide whether they are ready to take on the risks associated with this craft.

Automatic writing requires trust in self and courage to unlock unknown realms; however, if done correctly, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience!

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