8 Most Famous Remote Viewers Throughout History And Today



Remote viewing is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that enables an individual to gain information about a person, place, or event without being physically present.

Remote Viewers Throughout History And Today

This paranormal phenomenon has been used by some of the most famous remote viewers throughout history and today.

In this article, we’ll explore seven of these renowned practitioners who have achieved remarkable results with their work.

8 Most Famous Remote Viewers

From ancient prophets to modern-day scientists, each one has made significant contributions to the development of this fascinating field.

Whether they are remembered for their writings or appreciated by those in the know, these 8 individuals remain leaders in the world of remote viewing.

1. Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann is arguably the most famous remote viewer in history. He developed a number of remote viewing techniques to enhance his psychic abilities and was an early proponent of paranormal activity related to extrasensory perception (ESP).

His methods involved altered states of consciousness or ASCs that allowed him to access information by going beyond normal physical senses. Other practitioners have adopted this approach over the years, seeking answers through similar methods.

Swann’s research gave rise to a new field, parapsychology, which has helped shape our current understanding of supernatural phenomenon and how it interacts with everyday experiences.

As such, he is widely recognized for pioneering this unique inquiry into what lies beyond the scope of regular human experience.

His contributions have made a lasting impact on both science and spirituality within the realm of personal exploration.

With his groundbreaking work paving the way for further study, Joseph McMoneagle became one of many who followed in Ingo Swann’s footsteps, exploring realms unknown with their own brand of ESP-based activities.

2. Joseph Mcmoneagle

Joseph Mcmoneagle

Joseph McMoneagle is one of the most renowned remote viewers in history. His career as a military intelligence officer spanned over 30 years and included time travel implications, applied intelligence, altered states, psychic warfare, and military applications.

He became famous for accurately predicting future events from hundreds of miles away using only his mind’s eye.

McMoneagle was part of the US Army’s Stargate Project, in which he helped develop protocols for psychic espionage gathering operations against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

During this time, he earned multiple awards for accuracy and bravery, including two Legion of Merit medals and an award from President Ronald Reagan himself.

His work has since been studied by scholars attempting to understand how human consciousness can be used to gain knowledge about distant locations or people without having any physical contact with them.

These studies have had wide-ranging implications across many fields, such as neuroscience, quantum physics, ethics, and psychology. Moreover, they have opened up possibilities for understanding what it means to exist outside space and time while still connected to our present reality.

With further exploration into these realms, Joseph McMoneagle will undoubtedly remain one of the most influential figures in modern history when exploring the power of remote viewing, paving the way toward utilizing its potential on both personal and global scales.

As we shift our focus towards Pat Price, another noted figure in this field, we can see that there may well be even more discoveries yet to come…

3. Pat Price

Pat Price

Pat Price’s life and accomplishments have become well-known among the paranormal community for his pioneering works developing remote viewing techniques.

He was a former police officer from California who claimed to be able to acquire information about places and people through psychic means alone.

His evidence seemed solid enough that he received backing from multiple government agencies throughout his career – including the United States Air Force – as they sought to gain an advantage over their adversaries.

Many were intrigued by what Price could offer and its potential if used correctly. The implications of such capabilities are remarkable and led to speculation regarding other phenomena like telepathy or clairvoyance.

In light of these discoveries, Paul Smith became another important person involved in exploring the world beyond our senses.

4. Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Have you ever heard of Paul Smith? He is one of the most famous remote viewers throughout history and today.

With his remarkable ESP abilities, he has used a variety of divination methods such as remote sensing, psychometry techniques, and clairvoyance powers to help people gain insight into their lives.

He also uses these same methods for military intelligence-gathering purposes.

In addition to being an incredible psychic reader, Smith is a highly sought-after public speaker who lectures worldwide on various topics related to his work.

His vast knowledge in this field makes him one of the leading authorities on using extra-sensory perception to explore realms that are not normally accessible by conventional means.

From providing guidance to individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment to performing invaluable services for governments looking for information about their enemies, Smith’s influence continues to be felt across many different fields.

Allowing us to experience something far beyond our physical limitations, Smith’s unique approach reveals how powerful our minds can be when it comes to achieving extraordinary results.

5. David Morehouse

David Morehouse

David Morehouse is one of the most famous remote viewers throughout history. He has authored several books on paranormal powers, psychic warfare, and military applications of remote viewing techniques.

As a professional soldier in the US Army, he had first-hand experience using these techniques for intelligence-gathering purposes. His work was instrumental in helping to expand understanding about the accuracy and potential of remote viewing:

  1. Remote Viewing involves accessing information from distant locations without having physical contact or presence there;
  2. It can also be used to access data stored at another time period as well as past life memories;
  3. The accuracy of this technique depends largely upon the skill level attained by the viewer.

Morehouse’s teachings have inspired many other practitioners to explore their own paranormal powers and use them for spiritual growth, recovery from illness, and healing trauma caused by war or violence.

His pioneering research into ways humans can interact with hidden realms opened up new frontiers for exploring beyond what we normally perceive through our five senses.

By examining ancient practices such as shamanic journeying, astral projection, divination, and meditative visualization, Morehouse discovered that it is possible to unlock greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings than previously thought imaginable.

With his unique perspective, he continues to spread knowledge about how powerful tools like remote viewing can help people reach their highest potential.

This insight provides invaluable guidance for those seeking deeper connections between themselves and the world around them – offering an unprecedented opportunity to gain clarity through expanded consciousness.

Achieving mastery over one’s inner landscape requires dedicated practice and focused intent – something that David Morehouse knows all too well after decades of commitment to his craft.

Thus, we are now further discussing Stephan Schwartz, who carries a similar story…

6. Stephan Schwartz

Stephan Schwartz is perhaps the most famous remote viewer in recent times.

He has been publicly credited with great success within the field, including being featured on programs such as 60 Minutes and Larry King Live.

The amount he has achieved through his practice of remote viewing is nothing short of astounding – over ten thousand successful sessions have been conducted by him during his career!

Schwartz believes that we all possess mystical potential when it comes to using our minds for occult knowledge, folklore tales, and ancestral wisdom. He also claims to be able to access prophetic visions from higher power sources through his work.

This table outlines some of the key elements associated with Schwartz’s work:

Mystical PotentialAbility to access hidden or unknown information beyond physical senses
Occult KnowledgeTraditional stories passed down orally throughout generations about myths, gods & heroes.
Folklore TalesThe understanding gained from ancestors’ experiences or insight into life can provide guidance from past experiences
Ancestral WisdomThe understanding gained from ancestors’ experiences or insight into life can provide guidance from past experiences.
Prophetic VisionsThe understanding gained from ancestors’ experiences or insight into life can provide guidance from past experiences

Overall, Stephan Schwartz’s work is an inspirational example for anyone looking to unlock their inner potential for accessing deeper truths about the world around us.

His ability to tap into higher realms provides invaluable insights into how we can better understand ourselves and our place in this universe.

With such vast insight at our fingertips, one cannot help but wonder what secrets await discovery if only we are brave enough to venture out and find them.

Taking these principles forward then, let us now focus on exploring another mysterious figure—the Oracle Of Delphi…

7. Oracle Of Delphi

Oracle Of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi was a famous clairvoyant who sought to provide spiritual guidance and divine revelations for those in need.

It is believed that the Oracle used her abilities to give prophetic messages, spiritual insights, and advice on handling difficult situations. She famously served as an advisor to King Croesus during his reign over Ancient Greece.

Her words were said to be so powerful that they could “melt iron”—an expression used by the Greeks to describe the ability of wise counsel or persuasive speech.

In addition to providing spiritual advice, the Oracle also saw visions of future events and had insight into matters such as wars, famines, births, deaths, natural disasters, and more.

The ancient Greeks would flock from across the Mediterranean Sea to hear one of her predictions. To this day, she remains an influential figure in Greek mythology and throughout history due to her impact on philosophy and religion.

As we move on to Edgar Cayce, it’s important to remember how vital divination has been throughout human history to gain a deeper understanding of our lives and ourselves.

8. Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

The Oracle of Delphi was legendary, but Edgar Cayce was positively mythical. With an uncanny ability to peer into alternative realities and a profound understanding of the mysticism behind science, he elevated remote viewing techniques to new heights.

His psychic abilities were astounding, from predicting future events to diagnosing illnesses with clairvoyant powers. Here is what we can learn from this incredible man:

  1. He believed firmly in the power of spiritual energies and their close connection with our physical reality.
  2. He used meditation as a way to tap into those metaphysical forces for guidance in life.
  3. His precognitive dreams made him one of the most sought-after psychics in history; many people came to him for answers about their futures or advice on how to improve their lives.

In addition to his otherworldly talents, Cayce dedicated much of his time to exploring the boundaries between science and spirituality, which resonates even today amongst advocates of both fields.

He pushed the limits of human potential by encouraging people to use their innate gifts while embracing greater wisdom beyond our everyday experience.

It’s no wonder he remains one of the most famous remote viewers throughout history and today!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Do I Become A Remote Viewer?

Becoming a remote viewer requires developing the right set of skills, exploring specific techniques, and mental preparation.

It also involves having location flexibility in order to access clients who need your services remotely.

Additionally, it is important to consider ethical considerations when performing any work as a remote viewer.

These aspects must be taken into consideration by anyone wanting to become a successful practitioner of this craft.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Remote Viewing?

The potential results of engaging in remote viewing can be both awe-inspiring and mysterious.

By honing your telepathic abilities, meditation techniques, psychic powers, and clairvoyance practice through remote viewing, you may find yourself able to access the depths of your inner knowledge with extraordinary clarity.

With enough dedication and commitment to this powerful technique, you could experience profound insights into faraway places and previously hidden events.

How Often Do Remote Viewers Conduct Sessions?

Remote viewing is an intuitive practice that involves using psychic training and clairvoyance techniques to sense distant information. It is a skill developed through collective consciousness and has been used throughout history as well as in modern times.

When it comes to remote viewing, the frequency of sessions varies from user to user; some frequent viewers may conduct multiple sessions daily, while others may only do so sporadically.

Regardless of how often one chooses to view remotely, guidance from intuitive professionals can help strengthen any individual’s skillset when it comes to utilizing this powerful tool.

Is There Any Danger Associated With Remote Viewing?

Have you ever wondered if there is any danger associated with remote viewing?

While this psychic phenomenon can be a powerful tool to access intuitive guidance, it could potentially create risks such as psychic interference, mind control, or manipulation.

Those who engage in remote viewing must be aware of their clairvoyant abilities and take caution when attempting to access sensitive information without proper training or preparation.

It’s important to remember that the practice of remote viewing should always involve ethical standards and knowledge about its potential dangers.


To conclude, remote viewing is an intriguing phenomenon that has been around for centuries and continues to be a topic of interest today. It can provide fascinating results when properly conducted by trained viewers.

I have outlined some key points you should consider before undertaking your journey into the unknown. Recent research suggests A big percentage of all attempts at remote viewing done by experienced remote viewers are successful in providing accurate information about distant locations or events.

This shows just how powerful this practice can be, as well as its potential for further exploration and development in the future.

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