The Fascinating History Of Channeling And Mediumship



The practice of channeling and mediumship has been around for centuries, and it is a fascinating area of study.

It involves people connecting with spiritual entities in order to gain knowledge or insight about various topics.

Ancient Origins Of Channeling And Mediumship

Channeling typically refers to when an individual allows themselves to be taken over by another entity, while mediumship usually refers to the ability to communicate directly with those who have passed on.

Both practices offer incredible opportunities for understanding the world beyond our physical realm and can provide guidance and clarity into life’s biggest questions.

In this article we will explore the history of channelling and mediumship, from its ancient origins up through modern times.

Ancient Origins Of Channeling And Mediumship

Since ancient times, people have sought to contact the spiritual realm and gain insight into life beyond our physical reality. The practice of channelling is a form of communication between two worlds – this world and the unseen spiritual realm, allowing one to receive messages from higher beings or entities beyond their conscious awareness.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel and precognition are all forms of channeling that were practiced by shamans, priests, mystics and healers in various cultures throughout history.

The earliest known records concerning mediumship date back over five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, where the Sumerians established a belief system heavily based on spiritism and astrology.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, mediums often served as advisors to rulers who believed they could provide divine guidance for decision-making purposes.

Channeling has also been widely used in many indigenous traditions such as shamanic practices found among Native American tribes across North America.

To understand how spirituality evolved during the 19th century it’s important to first explore these ancient roots of channeling and mediumship.

Spiritualism In The 19th Century

The practice of channeling and mediumship is one that has captivated the interest of humankind for centuries. It’s an ancient, mysterious concept that somehow manages to transcend time – no matter how much our understanding evolves, it never ceases to amaze us with its secrets.

The 19th century was a remarkable era in which spiritualism truly came into its own. From psychical research to magical practices, there seemed to be something new around every corner. At first glance, it appears as though everything was changing rapidly during this period, yet paradoxically nothing had ever remained so constant as the powerful force that is spirit communication.

Popular seances were commonplace and many people devoted their lives to studying psychic phenomena. People from all walks of life found themselves being drawn towards exploring these unknown worlds – some out of curiosity, others with more cautionary tones in mind.

Not only did they find comfort in connecting with those who have passed on before them; but also embraced the chance to push boundaries like never before by delving deep into unseen realms and uncovering truths previously thought impossible. To add further fuel to the fire, reports began circulating about healings taking place through mediums’ hands – almost as if any previous doubt or hesitation surrounding this topic had been vanquished overnight!

Exploring The 20th Century

Exploring The 20th Century

The 20th century saw a resurgence of interest in psychic healing, energy work, and channelling.

This period was marked by an exploration into the unknown as people looked to connect with those from beyond our plane of existence.

With new technology came additional ways for psychics to communicate their messages, such as through telephone calls or the internet.

It soon became apparent that these mediums had true gifts and could accurately relay information from other worlds.

This newfound knowledge opened up a world of possibilities for spiritual seekers who wanted to get closer to their source.

The practice of channeling enabled them to tap into higher realms of consciousness and access divine wisdom directly.

Many found success in opening themselves up to this type of connection and were able to gain profound insight about life’s mysteries and purpose.

As we transition into exploring new age channeling and mediumship, it is clear that the power of connecting with non-physical entities remains an alluring prospect for many today.

New Age Channeling And Mediumship

Let’s dive into the fascinating history of New Age Channeling and Mediumship and explore all the different subtopics.

This includes Spiritualism, Trance Channeling, Psychic Mediums, Automatic Writing, Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Crystal Balls, Pendulum Divination, Psychometry, Auras, Akashic Records, Astral Projection, Energy Healing, Dream Interpretation, and Spirit Guides!


Spiritualism has been practiced for centuries, and it is the belief that spirits of those who have passed away can communicate with the living.

In recent years, this practice has become more popular as people seek to connect with their deceased loved ones or gain insight into matters they may be struggling with.

Clairvoyance and divination are two practices that fall within spiritualism; clairvoyants use their abilities to see visions or auras while diviners use tarot cards or runes to interpret symbols.

It’s an interesting mix of ancient traditions and modern beliefs, giving us access to knowledge we may never otherwise find.

Whether you believe in channeling and mediumship or not, these activities offer comfort and guidance to many – if only they knew what lies ahead!

Trance Channeling

Trance channeling is a type of new age channeling and mediumship that involves entering into an altered state of consciousness.

It’s often used to facilitate intuitive healing or astral projection, allowing the practitioner to access information they wouldn’t be able to reach while in their normal waking state.

Trance channelers are typically guided by spiritual entities who help open up pathways for them to explore while on their journey.

This practice requires great concentration and dedication from those involved, as it can be difficult to get out of the trance-like state once you’re in it.

With this technique however, people have found amazing answers and solutions to many problems – not just within themselves but with others around them too!

Modern Applications Of Channeling And Mediumship

Modern Applications Of Channeling And Mediumship

Today, channeling and mediumship are still popular methods for obtaining spiritual guidance.

Psychic readings have become particularly widespread in the modern world, with many people seeking out psychics to gain insight into their lives or relationships.

During a psychic reading, a person will connect with an individual on the other side who can provide messages of love, advice and encouragement from beyond this realm.

Energy healing is another way that practitioners use channeling and mediumship today.

This form of healing involves accessing energy from higher planes of existence by connecting with spirit guides or angelic beings.

The practitioner then channels this energy into areas where it is needed most in order to help heal physical ailments as well as emotional distress.

By working together with these powerful forces, practitioners can bring about positive shifts in individuals’ mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

To end, those wishing to explore further into this fascinating field may want to consider taking classes offered by professional teachers or trying out techniques such as meditation or guided visualization to open up more pathways to the unseen world.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What Are The Risks Associated With Channeling And Mediumship?

Have you ever wondered what risks may come with channeling and mediumship?

Channeling is a spiritual practice that allows one to receive guidance from the unknown realm. It is believed to be connected to paranormal phenomena which can become risky for those who are not prepared for it.

While this form of communication has been around since ancient times, many worry about its implications in terms of mental health and wellbeing. People engaging in it must understand the potential risks if they take on such practices without proper spiritual guidance or preparation.

How Does One Become A Channel Or Medium?

Becoming a channel or medium involves learning how to connect with spiritual and paranormal energies. This connection is done by tapping into the energetic vibrations that exist in all living beings, allowing one to make connections beyond our physical world.

By raising their vibration frequency, channels and mediums can open up pathways of communication between themselves and spirits. Through practice and dedication, they are able to gain access to this otherworldly realm and receive messages from beyond.

It’s important for those interested in exploring channelling and mediumship to be aware of the potential risks associated with it as well.

Are There Any Ethical Considerations When Engaging In Channeling Or Mediumship?

Engaging in channeling or mediumship can be a complex and delicate process, often requiring spiritual guidance and energy work.

It is important for those engaging in this practice to consider the ethical implications of their actions before beginning any session with a client, as it could have potentially harmful effects if handled incorrectly.

These considerations involve topics such as protecting the privacy of clients, respecting boundaries, and being aware of one’s own limitations when providing spiritual advice.

What Are The Most Reliable Forms Of Channeling And Mediumship?

Channeling and mediumship have been popular spiritual practices for centuries, but how do you know which forms to trust?

According to recent surveys, some of the most reliable methods involve connecting with spirit guides through energy healing.

This type of channeling is thought to be more trustworthy than others because it involves a strong connection between yourself and your guide.

By utilizing this method, many people are able to gain valuable insight into their lives and access powerful energies from beyond.

Are There Any Scientific Studies Supporting The Efficacy Of Channeling Or Mediumship?

While traditionally relying on spiritual techniques and psychic development, there have been some scientific studies that have looked into the efficacy of channeling or mediumship.

For example, one study from 2011 found that participants who had a reading with a professional medium reported feeling less anxiety and depression compared to those who did not receive such readings.

It’s important to note however that further research is needed in order to gain an accurate understanding of this phenomenon.


The journey of channeling and mediumship is a fascinating one. It has been used for centuries as a way to connect with the spiritual realm, though it does come with risks that must be carefully considered before engaging.

As with all aspects of life, there are ethical considerations when using this practice as well as reliable methods which should be researched in order to ensure the best results for oneself.

Ultimately, whether you choose to believe in its power or not, one cannot deny the impact this ancient art form has had throughout history.

We can only hope that our future generations will continue to use these powerful tools responsibly and respect their potential while they do so – a lesson we have learned from those who have walked this path before us.

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