5 Must-Have Aura Reading Tools For Every Practitioner



Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into the realm of aura reading? With so many tools and techniques out there, it can be hard to know which ones are essential.

Aura Reading Tools For Every Practitioner

To help guide your practice, we’ve compiled a list of 5 must-have aura reading tools for every practitioner. The right mix of products will give you an edge when working with clients and provide insights that weren’t possible before.

Read on to find out what these items are and how they can benefit your practice!

Crystal Pendulums

A crystal pendulum is a must-have tool for any aura reading practitioner. Not only can it be used to measure the energy of an individual’s aura, but also for conducting crystal charging and aura cleansing rituals.

Crystals are naturally beautiful and powerful tools that store energy vibrations which make them perfect for connecting with spirit guides or higher realms during readings. To use a crystal pendulum effectively one has to cleanse the stone before each session by smudging or using sage sticks as well as programming the stone with intentions specific to their practice.

Besides its practical applications, having a crystal pendulum in your kit adds a touch of beauty and magic to your workspace that will draw clients in and help add to the ambience of your readings.

Moving on from this essential tool we come next to discussing aura photography equipment.

Aura Photography Equipment

Aura reading is a powerful tool for energy healing and cleansing, allowing practitioners to gain insight into their own spiritual wellbeing. To get the most out of these readings, it’s important to have the right equipment on hand.

Aura photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, and filters are essential for capturing an accurate image of your aura in its natural form. They give you the opportunity to analyze both subtle shifts in color and intensity over time so that you can understand how your energies are changing from moment to moment. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about which practices will be most beneficial for you.

In addition to special photography equipment, there are many other tools that can help enhance your aura readings such as sage and palo santo. These plants provide sacred smoke that purifies the space energetically – helping create a safe environment for deep inner work. Let’s take a closer look at how using these herbs can improve our practice.

Sage And Palo Santo

Sage And Palo Santo

Have you ever wondered what tools are necessary for an aura-reading practitioner? Sage and Palo Santo are two must-have items for anyone looking to cleanse auras and balance chakras.

Here is a list of the benefits they offer:

  1. Clears energetic blocks
  2. Attracts positive energy into the space
  3. Enhances intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities
  4. Creates a safe environment

Sage works to clear away negative energies while Palo Santo brings in positivity and creates sacredness, allowing practitioners to enter into their spiritual practice with peace of mind. When used together, these two items work synergistically to create powerful results that will benefit both the practitioner as well as those seeking help during aura readings.

Tarot And Oracle Cards

Sage and Palo Santo are two powerful tools for aura readings, however they don’t always provide the full picture.

Tarot and Oracle cards can be used to complement these traditional techniques by providing additional insight into a person’s energy field.

Using psychic readings, tarot cards can help uncover hidden meanings of an individual’s life path that may not have been visible with just sage or palo santo.

Furthermore, combining tarot readings with energy healing practices could further enhance one’s understanding of their own aura.

When it comes to divination tools, it is important to remember that there is no single right way to interpret results from aura reading practices.

While tarot and oracle cards often offer valuable guidance on personal development, it is also beneficial to incorporate other forms of practice such as meditation and visualization exercises in order to gain a greater clarity about your spiritual journey.

Meditation And Visualization Practices

Meditation And Visualization Practices

Meditation and visualization practices are an essential part of any Aura Reading practitioner’s toolkit. To illustrate this point, it can be compared to a carpenter going into their workshop.

The carpenter has all the necessary tools for working with wood; saws, hammers, drills, etc., but if they lack an understanding of how to use those tools properly then their work will suffer as a result.

Similarly, aura readers must understand how to use meditation and visualization in order to effectively read Auras.

Some popular methods used by practitioners include:

  • Mindful breathing exercises that allow one to become more aware of their energy field while calming the mind.
  • Visualizing colors or symbols related to specific energies and using them during readings.
  • Energy healing techniques such as Reiki that help clear blockages from the body’s energy system.

Using these methods in combination with traditional Aura reading skills helps create more accurate results without overburdening oneself with too much information at once.

By taking time out each day to focus on our inner self we can learn how best to interpret what is being seen in an individual’s aura and use the knowledge gained in future readings.

Ultimately, learning how to meditate and visualize correctly is key for every Aura reader if they want to ensure accuracy when doing readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Aura Reading Tools Typically Cost?

The cost of aura reading tools can vary greatly, depending on what you need. It’s important to do a cost comparison when shopping for these items and take into account any additional costs such as shipping or taxes.

When making your purchase, it’s also helpful to read reviews from experienced aura readers who have used the same tool before buying. Some tips for getting the best deal include waiting for sales or discounts, taking advantage of free shipping offers and checking coupon websites for special deals.

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Use Aura Reading Tools?

Starting off with an interesting statistic, 90% of aura readers report feeling a strong emotional connection and intuitive guidance when using the tools. This makes learning how to use them all the more important!

The best way to learn how to use aura reading tools is through gaining experience and practice. Through this process, practitioners can become confident in their readings and gain insight into various aspects of their client’s energy.

Additionally, connecting with peers who have expertise in the field will aid in understanding these complex tools.

Are Aura Reading Tools Safe To Use?

When it comes to using aura reading tools, safety is always a top concern. These spiritual devices are designed to open up an individual’s energy field and any form of manipulation should be done with caution.

Thankfully, many practitioners perform regular energy cleansing exercises and utilize spiritual protection techniques before, during, and after engaging in aura readings. This helps guarantee that the individual will remain safe while exploring their energetic system.

With these practices in place, aura reading tools can be used safely when employed by responsible practitioners.

Is It Necessary To Have All The Aura Reading Tools Listed In The Article?

The answer, while it may seem simple on first glance, is actually much more complex. While having access to these tools can help practitioners hone their psychic ability and alternative practices, they are not necessary for every individual situation.

Ultimately, one should use whichever combination of aura reading tools best match your own specific needs as a practitioner.

What Is The Difference Between Aura Reading And Fortune Telling?

Aura reading and fortune telling are two very different practices that many people confuse. While both involve the use of psychic or intuitive gifts, aura reading focuses on a person’s spiritual energy field while fortune telling seeks to predict future events based on physical clues.

In other words, an aura reader will interpret the spiritual aspects of their client such as emotions, moods and intentions; whereas a fortune teller sees into what may come in the near or distant future.

Aura readers can also provide guidance for how to live one’s life spiritually and emotionally, which is not typically part of a fortune teller’s practice.


In conclusion, aura reading tools can be an invaluable asset for any practitioner. With the right selection of these tools and understanding of how to use them safely, practitioners can gain a deeper insight into those around them.

As with all metaphysical practices, it is important to remember that no one tool should be over-relied upon; instead, they should work together in harmony. By combining my own intuition and wisdom with these powerful tools, I have been able to unlock new levels of spiritual insight.

Ultimately, each practitioner must decide which combination of aura reading tools will best serve their individual needs and preferences.

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