How To Prevent A Poltergeist From Entering A Home?



Have you ever heard strange noises in your home or experienced unexplained phenomena? It could be that a poltergeist has made its way into your house!

This can be an unsettling experience, but there are some steps you can take to prevent a poltergeist from entering.

Prevent A Poltergeist From Entering

In this article, I’ll discuss the best ways to keep these unwanted spirits away from your home.

From sealing off all openings to seeking professional help, it’s important to understand what measures need to be taken and why.

With the right precautions in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and free of any paranormal activity.

Seal All Openings

You’re looking for a surefire way to keep unwelcome spirits out of your abode, and sealing all openings is the best place to start. To block drafts, make sure windows are sealed tightly with weatherstripping or caulk. Cover air vents with mesh screens so any poltergeists can’t enter through them. Consider installing door sweeps that will close off any remaining gaps under the doors.

Creating wards is another great option; use symbols or patterns like runes, circles, pentagrams, crosses, and other religious symbols against the walls and doorways to ward off evil forces. Additionally, consider surrounding the home in a circle of salt for extra protection.

Even if you take all these steps to prevent a poltergeist from entering your home, you should still practice protection rituals on a regular basis to ensure safety from otherworldly entities. To do this properly requires knowledge of various spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation which can help protect you from malevolent paranormal activity.

Moving forward into this realm of occult can be daunting but it’s essential for protecting yourself and your family from unwelcome spirits. Taking these precautions will provide peace of mind when trying to keep unwanted guests away from your residence.

Practice Protection Rituals

Practice Protection Rituals

Practicing protection rituals can be an effective way to ward off unwanted spirits, with some studies reporting up to a 70% reduction in paranormal activity. Depending on the severity of the situation, various measures can be taken:

  • Banishing spells:
  • Chanting a specific incantation for a certain period of time, such as “leave this place and never return” or “leave now and do not come again.”
  • Burning herbs like sage or lavender to produce a cleansing smoke that penetrates every corner of the house.
  • Drawing protective symbols or runes on doorways and windowsills.
  • Spirit wards:

  • Hanging crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, amethyst, and fluorite around the home.
  • Placing bowls of salt near doorways – particularly in corners where two walls meet – which is believed to repel negative energy from entering your home.
  • Positioning mirrors facing outwards at key entry points throughout your home so that any unwelcome spirits are reflected away from you and your family’s living space.

Protection rituals used together can be powerful deterrents against poltergeists entering homes; however, they should also be combined with other strategies to enhance positive energy levels inside the dwelling.

Enhance Your Home’s Positive Energy

Enhancing your home’s positive energy can help banish any unwelcome spirits and create a safe, peaceful environment. The two best ways to energize space and keep poltergeists away are through feng shui techniques and using crystals.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the placement of furniture and objects in order to create a balanced flow of energy throughout the home.

To properly practice feng shui, you need to be aware of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Placing these elements strategically around your home will open up pathways for good luck and ward off bad energy.

Crystals are another way to protect yourself from the presence of unwanted spirits. Certain crystals like selenite or black tourmaline have powerful metaphysical properties that can help clear negative energies from your space and act as shields against poltergeists or other malicious entities.

When placed around the house or in specific areas where you feel uncomfortable, they can attract positive vibes while repelling negativity. It’s important to cleanse these stones regularly with sage smoke or other cleansing methods so that they remain effective at keeping out any unwanted guests.

Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative energy in your home, it may be time to seek professional help. Seeking expert advice can often provide spiritual guidance and give insight into the source of such disturbances.

Here are four ways seeking professional help can benefit a homeowner:

  • Professional advice can determine if paranormal activity is present in the home.
  • Spiritual guidance can recommend ways to positively influence the energy of the home.
  • Experts have access to specialized equipment for detecting paranormal activity that homeowners may not have access to.
  • Professionals are experienced in responding to paranormal events and helping homeowners cope with fear or stress associated with them.

Though it’s possible for homeowners to cleanse their own space, seeking out professional help can be beneficial when dealing with a poltergeist or other supernatural creature that has entered their home.

With the right knowledge, proper precautions, and an understanding of what measures need to be taken, professionals can offer solutions tailored specifically for individual situations.

Furthermore, having someone knowledgeable guide you through this difficult process will provide much-needed peace of mind during a stressful situation.


I’ve done all I can to prevent a poltergeist from entering my home. I’ve sealed all the openings and enhanced the positive energy in my house.

Despite all my precautions, a chill of fear lingers in the air, and an invisible presence won’t go away. The shadows on the walls seem longer and darker than before, as if something is watching me from within them.

But if it still feels like something negative is lingering, I won’t hesitate to seek professional help. No matter how scared I am, I know that with enough courage and faith, everything will be alright eventually.

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