What Are The Psychological Theories Of Poltergeist Activity?



Have you ever heard of a poltergeist? It’s a type of ghostly activity that usually involves mysterious noises, objects being moved around unprovoked, and other strange occurrences.

Many people have encountered this phenomenon in their own homes, yet the cause remains unknown.

Psychological Theories Of Poltergeist Activity

That’s why psychologists have developed theories to explain poltergeist activity – let’s take a look at some of them!

In this article, I’ll be exploring four psychological theories of poltergeist activity: the Repression Theory, the Psychokinetic Theory, the Split-Personality Theory and the Collective-Unconscious Theory.

Read on to learn more about these intriguing ideas!

The Repression Theory

You may have heard of the repression theory when it comes to strange occurrences. It’s a psychological explanation for poltergeist activity that suggests repressed memories and psychological trauma are causing the disturbances.

Specifically, these events result from a person’s unconscious desire to express an emotional conflict or frustration, which manifest in seemingly supernatural ways. The idea behind this theory is that unexpressed mental states can cause physical actions, such as paranormal activity.

According to this approach, poltergeist phenomena are caused by someone who has experienced some sort of traumatic event and has buried the emotion deep within their subconscious mind. As a result, they may be unaware of their feelings surrounding the event and instead express them through telekinetic powers in order to resolve their inner turmoil.

Unresolved tensions between people can often lead to similar supernatural consequences as well; thus, if two people have unresolved issues with each other then these may also contribute to poltergeist activity. Therefore, understanding the psychological theories behind these mysterious events can help us better understand how they come about and how we can prevent them from occurring in the future.

With this insight in mind, let’s now explore what could be causing these events through looking at ‘the psychokinetic theory’.

The Psychokinetic Theory

The Psychokinetic Theory

Believe it or not, psychokinesis could explain why strange things happen around you. Psychokinesis is the belief that some people possess the ability to move objects with their minds without any physical intervention. It is a popular paranormal belief which has been used by some to explain poltergeist activity due to its supernatural origins.

Many experts believe that poltergeist activity can be caused by an individual’s psychokinetic abilities, and this theory has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some researchers have suggested that certain individuals may possess dormant psychokinetic powers which are activated when they experience strong emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, or stress.

During these emotional outbursts, these individuals are believed to be able to use their latent psychic powers and unintentionally cause poltergeists activity which may manifest itself in loud noises or moving objects.

This theory has also been used to explain why certain people seem more prone to experiencing poltergeist activity than others. While there is no scientific proof of the existence of psychokinesis and many scientists remain skeptical of its ability to explain paranormal phenomena like poltergeists activity, there are still those who maintain faith in its validity as an explanation for such occurrences.

Moving forward then, let’s explore the idea of a split-personality theory as another possible explanation for these mysterious events.

The Split-Personality Theory

Contrary to psychokinesis, the Split-Personality Theory suggests that paranormal occurrences are caused by a person’s subconscious mind. This theory proposes that poltergeist activity is related to an individual’s psychological state and, as such, it is usually associated with psychological issues like depression or repressed anger and trauma.

It also posits that these events have no supernatural origin nor demonic influence, but are generated from within the individual.

The Split-Personality Theory explains poltergeist activity as a manifestation of an individual’s hidden emotional conflicts and struggles. According to this theory, it’s believed that when these unresolved issues remain buried in the unconscious mind for too long they can cause extreme manifestations of aggression and frustration which manifest themselves as paranormal disturbances.

This idea diverges from traditional religious beliefs about poltergeists being driven by an otherworldly force. Instead, it suggests that all poltergeist activity has its source in our own minds. Without acknowledging this internal source of turmoil and chaos, we may never be able to fully understand what creates such phenomena in the first place, furthering our understanding of how powerful our subconscious minds truly are.

Moving on then to explore the Collective Unconscious Theory…

The Collective-Unconscious Theory

The Collective-Unconscious Theory

The Collective-Unconscious Theory suggests that paranormal events are connected to a universal consciousness shared by all humans. It posits that poltergeist activity is caused by unconscious psychological forces in the collective mind, rather than supernatural causes.

This theory suggests that these forces can be triggered when individuals experience strong emotions, such as anger or fear. These intense emotional states can result in an individual’s subconscious connecting with the collective-unconscious and releasing energy into the environment which manifests as poltergeist activity.

This theory further argues that these events occur when an individual’s unconscious psychology overrides their conscious will and results in an energetic outburst. An example of this phenomenon could be a person who experiences extreme anger at someone, yet consciously they may try to suppress it due to social conventions or personal beliefs. The energy from this anger would still be released and could manifest as poltergeist activity in order to express itself without any intervention from the conscious mind.

This theory also explains why certain individuals have reported multiple occurrences of paranormal events throughout their lives – their unconscious has been repeatedly tapping into the collective-unconscious and releasing powerful energies which have resulted in poltergeist phenomena being observed by those around them.

Ultimately, this is just one explanation for what causes poltergeist activity but its implications are intriguing and worth further exploration.


I’ve explored some of the psychological theories surrounding poltergeist activity and there’s no clear consensus on which one is correct.

Ultimately, I think it’s like trying to piece together a puzzle with missing pieces; we may never have a full understanding of what’s going on.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make progress on the journey to discovering more.

It’s like slowly turning up the dimmer switch to shed light on the unknown mysteries of our universe.

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