Can Remote Viewing Be Used To Communicate With The Dead?



The concept of remote viewing has been around for some time, but can it be used to communicate with the dead?

While there is no clear answer yet, many people believe that remote viewing could potentially provide a way for us to connect with our departed loved ones.

This article aims to explore this topic further and discuss if remote viewing could indeed be an effective way to communicate with those who have passed on.

Remote viewing is a form of extrasensory perception which involves using mental processes such as visualizing or sensing images from distant locations in order to gather information without being physically present at the location.

It has been studied by scientists for decades, and its proponents suggest that it may offer insight into unknown phenomena.

Could this technique also be used for communication beyond physical boundaries – namely, communicating with spirits of the deceased?

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What Is Remote Viewing?

As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing.’ But what about when we cannot see with our physical eyes? This is where esoteric techniques like remote viewing come into play.

Remote viewing has been used for many years to explore unexplained phenomena and gain insights into unseen realms. It involves accessing information from an expanded consciousness, far beyond the limitations of the five senses.

In this context, investigating whether remote viewing can be used to communicate with the dead requires exploring its potential as a tool to access non-physical realities. We must look at how it may bridge the gap between two separate worlds without relying on traditional methods of communication.

It’s time to take a closer look at this enigmatic practice and examine what possibilities lie ahead in terms of its use for interdimensional dialogue.

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Exploring The Potential For Communication

The concept of remote viewing in the context of communicating with the dead has been explored for centuries, though it remains largely unproven.

Clairaudience is a term used to describe hearing voices from beyond and may be one way that those deceased can communicate through remote viewing.

Psychomanteum, a chamber where one sits alone facing a mirror in darkness, is another strategy used by some to attempt communication with the departed.

It’s possible that using either method could lead to contact with spirits or other entities on the astral plane, but this phenomenon cannot yet be confirmed definitively.

Though research into these methods continues, further investigation must also be done into less-explored aspects of connecting with those who have passed away.

Such exploration takes courage and an open mind as we venture deeper into unknown realms without knowing what lies ahead.

As such, our next step is to investigate the unknown possibilities of communing with loved ones no longer with us.

Investigating The Unknown

The realm of the unknown is vast and mysterious, full of secrets that have yet to be uncovered. While some may simply accept the boundaries of what is understood and known, others are more daring in their explorations.

Many turn to psychic mediums or spirit guides for assistance when attempting to delve into this subliminal landscape. The practice of remote viewing has been popularized as a way to explore these regions, but can it truly provide insight into communicating with those who have passed on?

A 4-step process can help novice explorers begin their journey:

1) Connecting with your spiritual guide
2) Opening yourself up to receive messages
3) Establishing contact with the deceased
4) Allowing the conversation between worlds to open.

By following each step closely and trusting in the process, one could potentially unlock communication between two vastly different planes – living and dead. With patience and an open mind, it’s possible for answers from beyond our reality reach us here at home.

Even if there are no apparent results initially, repeated attempts might pay off over time as one grows accustomed to connecting with other realms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remote Viewing Scientifically Proven?

When it comes to the question of whether remote viewing is scientifically proven or not, there is much debate.

It’s unclear if this method can be used for accurate communication with those who have passed away.

While many people believe that psychic mediums and spiritual healing are viable ways to connect with spirits from beyond, others remain skeptical about the validity of these claims.

Research into the topic has been conducted in hopes of finding more concrete evidence either way, but as of yet, no definitive answer exists.

Are There Any Known Cases Of Successful Remote Viewing Communication With The Dead?

Remote viewing is a controversial paranormal practice of attempting to access information from an individual or location by using extrasensory perception.

While there are no known cases of successful remote viewing communication with the dead, some people believe that it can be used to interpret dreams and gain knowledge about afterlife beliefs.

However, since these claims have yet to be scientifically proven, further research must be done in order to determine the validity of this practice.

What Are Some Of The Ethical Considerations Of Remote Viewing?

Exploring the ethical considerations of remote viewing can be a murky journey, full of spiritual implications and paranormal events.

This practice has been used to uncover secrets from distant locations and people, but it raises many questions about whether this form of communication is morally sound or spiritually responsible.

When considering these aspects, one must think deeply about the potential ramifications of using such powerful energies for recreational purposes and if they are comfortable with any possible spiritual consequences that could arise as a result.

What Methods Are Used To Practice Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a practice that involves accessing psychic energy to gain knowledge about an object, person or event.

It utilizes various meditation techniques such as focusing on a specific target and entering into an altered state of consciousness in order to perceive information from the target.

In order to effectively practice remote viewing, it’s important to use both relaxation techniques and visualization methods. Psychic energy can then be used to draw out more information related to the chosen target while still remaining in a relaxed meditative state.

Are There Any Safety Precautions That Should Be Taken When Using Remote Viewing?

Are you looking to use remote viewing as a way of communicating with the dead?

Well, before taking any steps in that direction, it’s important to be aware of the safety precautions required. After all, engaging in this type of psychic activity can open up portals that may lead to unwanted entities entering your space!

To protect yourself spiritually and psychically, always make sure you have proper spiritual preparation by practicing grounding techniques and protective rituals. This will ensure that your experience is positive and free from outside influences.

So don’t forget – stay safe when using remote viewing!


It’s hard to say if remote viewing can be used to communicate with the dead.

It certainly seems like a possibility, and there are some cases where it may have been successful.

However, we should take care when using this technique as it could easily open doors we’re not prepared for.

Ultimately, whether or not you decide to try remote viewing is up to you–just make sure that you understand the risks involved and use all appropriate safety precautions before attempting any kind of communication beyond the grave!

Who knows what unexpected surprises await us?

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