The Science And Researches Behind Astral Projection – Is It Real?



As mysterious as a ghost in the night, astral projection has been seen by some as an enigma that needs to be solved. But what exactly is it? Is there any scientific evidence backing up its existence or is this just a figment of our imaginations?

Latest Researches And Studies On Astral Projection

We’ll take a deep dive into the science and research behind astral projection – like peeling back an onion layer by layer – to uncover if it’s real or not.

Astral projection, also known as out-of-body experience (OBE) occurs when one believes their consciousness can travel outside their physical body. It seems almost too good to be true; being able to transcend your physical boundaries and explore new realms!

Many believe these experiences are rooted in spiritual practice while others argue they’re mainly psychological phenomena. Despite varying opinions, all agree more research is needed to understand how astral projection actually works and whether it truly exists.

Latest Researches And Studies On Astral Projection

Astral projection, also known as out-of-body experience or OBE, is an esoteric practice where people believe they can project their conscious self outside of the physical body and into other realms. It has been a popular spiritual belief for centuries but in recent years it has gained attention from the scientific community too.

Meditation techniques, lucid dreaming, paranormal activities, and various theories have all been studied to uncover the truth behind the astral projection.

Practitioners claim that through these practices one can enter altered states of consciousness which allow them to explore new dimensions. Whether this phenomenon is real or not still remains unknown, however many individuals swear by its power and potential benefits.

The history of astral projection goes far back with some believing ancient civilizations such as Egyptians was well aware of this ability. Famous authors like Tom Campbell and Bob Monroe are considered pioneers in this field both having written extensively on the subject.

The work of Robert Bruce, William Buhlman, and Celia Green amongst others have provided more insight into the science behind astral travel while organizations such as The Monroe Institute provide courses on how to achieve successful projections.

With so much evidence pointing towards its effectiveness, it’s no wonder why many consider astral projection to be a real phenomenon worth exploring further. Without a doubt, there is still plenty left to discover about what lies beyond our physical realm.

We, at, have plenty of experience with Astral projection, and we, as the researchers above have experienced things that cannot be explained by science, therefore, we know that it is a real thing.

However, we encourage our readers, to explore on themselves each of the Supernaturals powers discussed on our blog because we believe that one can only truly believe it by really experiencing it.

History Of Astral Projection And Famous Astral Projectors In The Past

Astral projection has been a part of ancient practices for centuries, usually associated with religious belief systems. It was believed that astral projection could be achieved through various forms of meditation and visualization techniques. This allowed humans to consciously separate their spiritual body from their physical form, allowing them to experience the world in an entirely different way.

The idea is that while the spirit leaves the body it can interact with other realms, such as those inhabited by spirit guides or deities. Throughout history, there have been famous figures who are said to have possessed the ability to astral projects, including Plato, Pythagoras, and Giordano Bruno. All three men were strong believers in the practice and wrote extensively on its use and potential benefits.

As well as being renowned scholars they all had deep connections with esoteric knowledge which enabled them to develop their own unique approach toward lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Nowadays many people believe that these techniques can still be used today to access higher states of consciousness and explore unknown dimensions beyond our realm of existence. From here we move on to exploring how astral projection works.

How Astral Projection Works?

How Astral Projection Works

Astral projection is a spiritual practice that allows individuals to explore a non-physical realm of existence. It involves using various meditation techniques, energy manipulation, and dream control in order to induce out-of-body experiences where people are able to leave their physical bodies and travel spiritually through the universe or astral plane.

By practicing astral projection, people can gain insight into themselves by exploring unexplored parts of the subconscious mind as well as experience heightened spiritual awareness with new perspectives on life. Astral projection has many benefits for practitioners such as improved mental strength, intuition, and creativity along with access to higher levels of consciousness.

The process of astral projection requires time and dedication but it’s worth it for those seeking spiritual growth and understanding. With continued practice, one can learn how to move freely between different realms at will while strengthening their connection to their own spirituality.

Transcending the physical boundaries opens up pathways that allow us to tap into our innermost potentials and shed light onto aspects of ourselves we never knew existed. As you continue your journey through this exploration, keep an open mind so you can benefit from all the possibilities that come with mastering astral projection.

Statistics And Real Life Stories

The concept of astral projection is both mysterious and intriguing, but with the help of research and science, it has become more tangible. Astral projection involves spiritualism, dream states, out-of-body experiences, and altered states as a person attempts to have an experience outside their physical body.

Many people have come forward to share real-life stories about how they were able to explore distant places or even time travel through astral projection. It’s estimated that nearly 10% of the population reports having had some kind of psychic ability related to astral projection.

Studies suggest that these experiences are due in part to individuals entering into deep meditative or trance-like states wherein they can access different levels of consciousness and awareness. In this way, many believe that astral projections provide insight into aspects of reality not usually accessible by ordinary means.

Some attribute such abilities to higher forms of intuition or spirituality while others simply view them as extraordinary dreams. No matter what one’s opinion is on the topic, however, there is no denying the potential power behind astral projections when used correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Potential Consequences Of Astral Projection?

Astral projection, or the practice of separating one’s consciousness from their physical body in order to travel through different planes of existence and explore other realms, is a controversial topic.

It has potential consequences that need to be taken into consideration before attempting it, such as psychological effects on the individual due to mental preparation and metaphysical implications.

Additionally, astral projection requires some level of dream control as well as energy manipulation for successful results – both of which can have unpredictable outcomes if not properly prepared for.

Is Astral Projection Safe For Beginners?

Many people are curious about exploring the limits of their consciousness, and astral projection is one such practice.

Guided meditation can help create an altered state in which dream control, spiritual awareness, and astral projection become possible.

In order to ensure safety when attempting this technique, it’s recommended that beginners use guided meditation or seek out instruction from experienced practitioners.

Are There Any Risks Involved In Astral Projection?

The risks associated with astral projection may be unknown to some, but they certainly exist.

Meditation techniques must be perfected and age restrictions should always be taken into account when attempting this rare practice.

Physical effects such as dizziness or nausea can occur if done incorrectly, while the mental preparation for lucid dreaming is essential for a successful experience.

Astral projection is no small feat – one must understand the potential dangers before jumping in head first.

How Can I Ensure I Will Have A Successful Astral Projection Experience?

Astral projection is an exciting and potentially rewarding experience, but it can also be intimidating.

To ensure a successful astral projection journey, many people turn to meditation techniques, lucid dreaming, energy manipulation, dream analysis, and spiritual guidance.

All of these practices are designed to open up the mind and body so that one may safely enter into an altered state of consciousness where they will be able to effectively project their spirit outside of their physical bodies.

Doing this correctly requires practice and patience, though those who make the effort often find great rewards in terms of knowledge gained and personal growth achieved through exploring new realms beyond our own.

Are There Any Spiritual Implications Of Astral Projection?

Astral projection is a complex topic that requires mental preparation, emotional awareness, and spiritual guidance.

For those embarking on an astral journey, it’s important to have both psychic protection and astral safety measures in place for the best possible experience.

This could mean setting intentions with your guides prior to the journey or taking time to meditate beforehand.

Ultimately, only you can decide how far you want to take your exploration into this metaphysical realm.


In conclusion, astral projection is a fascinating phenomenon that can be experienced by anyone. With the right preparation and understanding of the risks involved, it’s possible to experience an extraordinary journey into another realm.

It has spiritual implications which should not be taken lightly; however, with proper guidance and caution, this practice could open up new avenues of self-discovery and exploration.

I believe that if we take our time to research and understand the science behind astral projection, we can have safe experiences that may just change our lives forever.

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