What Are The Symptoms Of A Poltergeist Haunting?



It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it? You know something is off in your home but you don’t know why.

Your belongings move around on their own, and mysterious noises fill the air. Could it be a poltergeist? It might seem like an old wives’ tale, but poltergeists are real – and they have very distinct symptoms.

Symptoms Of A Poltergeist Haunting

In this article I’ll explore all the signs of a poltergeist haunting so you can protect yourself from these malicious spirits. So if you’re feeling spooked by unexplained phenomena in your home, read on for some answers…

Strange Noises

Unusual and unexplained sounds may be indicative of an otherworldly presence. Ghostly laughter, eerie moans, and strange banging noises are all examples of the kind of disturbances that can indicate a poltergeist haunting. These sounds often come out of nowhere and can make it difficult for anyone to ignore their presence.

Additionally, these mysterious sounds can sometimes be accompanied by paranormal activity like levitating objects or apparitions. Muffled whispers in empty rooms, windows closing with no explanation, or footsteps in hallways when no one is around are also common indicators that something otherworldly is at play.

Unexplained occurrences such as these have been reported since ancient times and are a source of fascination amongst ghost hunters today. Even though there’s little scientific evidence to back up the existence of ghosts or poltergeists, these strange noises remain a compelling reminder that something inexplicable may be happening behind the scenes.

The intensity and frequency of any strange noises will vary from case to case but they remain one symptom worth taking into consideration if trying to identify a potential poltergeist haunting.

To further investigate this phenomenon, it’s important to look into other symptoms such as unexplainable movement of objects or changes in temperature.

Unexplained Movement of Objects

Unexplained Movement of Objects

Mysterious objects flying across the room can give you chills! Unexplained movement of objects is one of the most common signs that a poltergeist may be haunting you.

Objects such as furniture, books, and even small items like keys can move or fly around seemingly on their own. It’s believed that poltergeists are able to manipulate objects using a form of psychic connection and an unknown supernatural energy that they possess.

In some cases, the movements of these objects may even be accompanied by strange noises or other paranormal activity in your home. In some cases, the movements could also be linked to a living person in the home who has strong emotional energy or unrestrained anger issues. This type of activity is often referred to as ‘recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis’ (RSPK).

Whatever the cause, unexplained movement of objects is a surefire sign that something abnormal is happening in your home. To rule out any living persons being responsible for this behavior, it’s important to investigate further and find out if there are any unusual temperature changes taking place in your environment – which could indicate paranormal activity.

Unusual Temperature Changes

You may notice a sudden change in temperature that can’t be explained, hinting at something more than what meets the eye. This is often linked to mysterious energy waves and paranormal activity spikes which are associated with poltergeist hauntings.

You may experience freezing cold spots or an intense heat even when your home’s temperature is comfortable and consistent. If these unusual changes in temperature occur without any explanation, it could be a sign of a poltergeist presence.

The intensity of the temperatures can vary significantly depending on how powerful the spirit is and how active they are during their haunting. You might feel like you’re standing next to an open flame or suddenly plunged into an icy chill for no reason whatsoever.

Some individuals have even reported being burned by supernatural flames despite there being nothing physically present around them that could generate such heat.

This strange phenomenon can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes before dissipating without trace, leaving you feeling confused as to what just happened. It’s important not to ignore these indications as they could signify something far more sinister than one might think.

Moving onto unexplained appearances and disappearances of objects will give further insight into what might be causing this puzzling behavior.

Unexplained Appearances and Disappearances of Objects

Unexplained Appearances and Disappearances of Objects

Unexplained objects appearing or vanishing without warning can be a sign of something otherworldly at play. Items might suddenly appear in a room where they weren’t before, such as a single shoe, or even an entire set of furniture that hadn’t been there the day prior.

Other times things may vanish without explanation, like keys from a keychain or small trinkets from shelves and countertops. These mysterious entities have the ability to move physical items, which is often seen as proof for paranormal activity.

There are reports of objects being thrown across rooms, levitating in the air, and making loud noises during their transport. Additionally, some people feel poltergeists try to communicate with them through these objects by forming symbols and patterns with them in order to get attention. This could include things like arranging books on shelves into certain shapes or having coins positioned in lines on tables.

The unexplained appearances and disappearances of objects can be incredibly frightening experiences, so it’s important to remember that if you witness any occurrences like this, you should contact someone who specializes in paranormal investigations for help and guidance.


Having experienced the haunting of a poltergeist first hand, I can tell you that it’s a truly terrifying experience.

It’s like having an invisible entity constantly lurking in your home; abnormal noises, objects being moved on their own, and strange temperature changes are all signs that something isn’t right.

The most frightening part is when objects suddenly appear or disappear without any explanation. It’s comparable to being held captive by an unseen force – one that could be anywhere and everywhere at any given time.

To this day, I’m still haunted by the memories of my experience with a poltergeist. Like a ghostly passenger always present in the car but never seen – it was as if I was forever living with an invisible presence in my home.

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