Safety Guidelines When Using Ouija Boards



Ouija boards have been around for centuries, and they can be an interesting way to explore the supernatural.

Unfortunately, if used incorrectly, Ouija boards can also lead to some unexpected consequences.

These safety guidelines should help you use a Ouija board safely and responsibly so that it doesn’t become a source of trouble for you or those around you.

Read on to learn more about how to properly utilize this mysterious tool!

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Researching The History Of Ouija Boards

Many people may be skeptical of the spiritual roots behind ouija boards, because superstitious beliefs are often associated with these tools. However, it is important to understand that ouija boards have a long and varied history before they became popularized as a source of entertainment in the 20th century.

In fact, some believe that ouija boards were originally used by ancient civilizations for divination purposes. The board itself has gone through several iterations throughout its long lifespan beginning from primitive wood tablets and moving towards more modern cardboard designs.

It is worth noting that even though modern versions can still act as conversation starters at parties or gatherings, their original purpose was much deeper than just being used for fun. Having an understanding of the background of ouija boards will help ensure that users approach them thoughtfully and safely.

With this knowledge in mind, it is time to move on to the next step which involves choosing a suitable environment when using one.

Choosing The Right Environment

Let’s talk about the important aspects of choosing the right environment when using a ouija board:

  • it should be quiet
  • private
  • well-lit
  • calm
  • comfortable
  • respectful
  • positive
  • intentional
  • protective
  • secured
  • free of distractions

All participating participants should be open, clear and focused.


When it comes to the spiritual implications of using a Ouija board, choosing the right environment is key.

And one important factor to consider when selecting an area for your session is keeping it quiet.

Past experiences have suggested that interruptions in conversations with spirits can occur if there’s too much noise and distraction around.

To ensure you don’t experience any unwanted disruptions, try to keep conversation minimal and avoid playing music or having other people present during your Ouija board practice.

This will help create the perfect atmosphere for successful communication with the spirit world.


It’s also important to remember that your Ouija board experience should be kept private.

Due to the spiritual and psychological effects of this practice, it can be best experienced in a safe place without interruption or distraction from other people.

It’s recommended that you don’t share details about your session with anyone else as this could lead to unwanted energy being brought into the space.

Keeping your communication sacred and confidential is essential for having a successful experience with the spirits.

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Setting Ground Rules

Choosing the right environment is essential to a successful ouija board session. It’s important that you create an atmosphere of respect and safety so all participants feel comfortable during the experience.

Now it’s time to set some ground rules for your ouija board session, including setting boundaries with any spirits who may appear. When setting these boundaries, be sure to communicate them clearly and firmly while also respecting any presence in the room.

Establishing clear expectations ahead of time gives everyone involved a sense of control over their experience and helps ensure everyone’s safety as well.

Try asking questions such as “What are we allowed to ask?” or “Are there subjects off limits?” This will help provide a sense of clarity for both parties–the players and any potential spirits present.

Lastly, when closing out the session make sure everyone knows how to properly end it without leaving anything open-ended. By following this procedure, you can bring closure and peace of mind for all those involved in the activity.

Closing The Session Properly

When using a Ouija board, it is important to close the session properly.

After playing with a Ouija board, make sure to energetically clear the space and call on spiritual protection. This helps ensure that any lingering energies in the room are cleared out and not left behind after your experience.

To do this you can take some deep breaths, imagine yourself surrounded by a white light of love and safety or say an affirmation such as ‘I am now closing this sacred ritual’. You can also thank whatever spirits may have joined you for their time and company before saying goodbye.

It’s important to know when it’s time to stop asking questions or communicating with the spirits; it’s typically best to end the session after one question has been answered or at least 15 minutes have passed since beginning.

It’s also recommended that participants avoid prolonging contact with entities because they could become attached to people if conversations continue too long.

Once finished, cleanse the area again just in case anything was missed during initial cleansing process, then open up all windows and doors so energy moves freely throughout house once more.

Knowing When To Stop

Once the session is closed properly, it’s important to know when to stop.

If a group has had multiple sessions in one night or over an extended period of time, it can be beneficial to take a break from using the ouija board and other spiritual tools for at least 24 hours.

It’s key to remember that any type of interaction with spirits carries certain risks; after all, you are dealing with energies beyond our world.

That being said, there are ways to spiritually protect yourself before engaging in such practices.

Certain protective stones like quartz crystals, as well as psychic defence mechanisms like visualisation or meditation, can help reduce any negative effects associated with working with spirits on a Ouija board.

It’s best to come up with helpful strategies beforehand so they can be put into practice if necessary during a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Use The Ouija Board Alone?

Is it possible to use the ouija board alone?

Many people believe this is not a good idea, as using an ouija board without any guidance or supervision may lead to spiritual risks and mental effects.

Ouija boards are known for their power to connect with unseen forces, so it’s important that someone who knows what they’re doing monitors the session and can help mitigate any potential dangers.

Are Ouija Boards Safe To Use?

The mysterious ouija board has been associated with supernatural activity and paranormal events for centuries, leaving many to wonder: are they safe to use?

Though the boards themselves may be harmless objects, it’s important to take caution before using them.

From setting up a protective circle of salt to ensuring you have an experienced partner by your side, there are certain safety guidelines that must be followed in order for the experience to remain positive.

Otherwise, users risk exposing themselves to potential unknown risks.

What Types Of Spirits Can Be Contacted With A Ouija Board?

When using a Ouija board, it’s important to understand what types of spirits can be contacted.

While some users may simply view the experience as a game or an interesting form of entertainment, others will take spiritual protection seriously due to potential paranormal activity that could occur with contact.

It’s possible for both positive and negative entities to come through the board, making it essential to always practice caution when playing with one.

Are There Any Physical Dangers Associated With Using A Ouija Board?

While dealing with fear and seeking spirit protection may be the main focus of using a Ouija board, it is important to consider the physical dangers that could arise when engaging in this activity.

Unforeseen circumstances can occur due to not following safety guidelines, so being aware of potential risks associated with using a Ouija board is key for ensuring everyone’s safety.

Is It Possible To Use A Ouija Board To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One?

Many have wondered if it is possible to use a Ouija board to communicate with a deceased loved one.

While this may be true, there are spiritual and cultural implications that should be taken into consideration when using such boards.

It is important to consider the potential consequences of contacting spirits, whether positive or negative, before attempting any form of communicating with them.


It’s important to understand the potential risks associated with using a Ouija board before deciding to use one.

It is possible to experience physical and emotional danger by engaging in this activity without taking proper safety precautions.

As such, it is always wise for anyone looking to explore their spiritual side via a Ouija board to do so with caution.

Ultimately, no matter what you believe about Ouija boards, it can be an enjoyable way of connecting with its users’ inner spirituality if done responsibly.

In order to make sure your experiences are safe and positive ones, take the time to research best practices beforehand and ensure that everyone involved has read up on all necessary safety guidelines.

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