Can Automatic Writing Help You Connect With Spirit? Yes! And Here’s How



Have you ever heard of automatic writing and wondered if it could help you connect with spirit? The answer is a definite yes!

Is Automatic Writing

Automatic writing can be an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with our spiritual selves, allowing us to tap into the inner wisdom that we all possess.

In this article, we’ll explore how automatic writing works and look at some simple techniques anyone can use to get started on their own spiritual journey.

What Is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is a spiritual practice and technique used to connect with one’s intuition. It involves using a pen and paper, or other medium such as a computer keyboard, to write without conscious thoughts or intention.

According to recent surveys, 32% of people who practice automatic writing experience an increased sense of intuitive listening and spiritual growth in their lives.

This type of spiritual connection can be accessed by anyone through the power of words. When done properly, it allows the writer to access higher guidance from within themselves that they may not have been able to access otherwise.

Automatic writing also helps break down barriers between the conscious mind and the subconscious which can lead to more clarity and understanding about life decisions. With this newfound insight, those practicing automatic writing can take steps towards living an empowered life guided by their inner wisdom.

Benefits Of Connecting With Spirit Through Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a powerful tool for connecting with spirit. It can help you access deep wisdom and guidance from your higher self, and it allows you to trust in your intuition and inner guidance more deeply.

The act of automatic writing itself is a process of letting go: allowing the pen to move along the paper without conscious control so that the words are channeled directly from source energy. This often leads to profound insights which are greater than what our logical minds can provide us on their own.

When we connect with spirit through automatic writing, we benefit by opening ourselves up to receive divine messages. We can learn how to work with our subconscious mind and access deeper knowledge about ourselves and our purpose here on Earth.

Additionally, this practice helps us to strengthen our connection with our guides and spiritual teachers who may be offering insight or assistance into specific situations in our lives. By engaging with these energies through writing, we open ourselves up to the truth of who we really are – infinite souls capable of manifesting greatness!

Preparing Yourself For Automatic Writing

Preparing Yourself For Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a powerful way to connect with spirit, and it’s important to prepare yourself before attempting this form of communication.

One great way to do so is through mindful meditation. Find a comfortable spot in your home and allow yourself time for quiet contemplation as you sink into the practice.

Deep breathing can help ground you and open up channels of connection between you and the spiritual realm.

You may also want to incorporate some energy work—visualizing waves of healing or light entering your body—to increase the openness of these pathways.

When done properly, this preparation process helps create an optimal environment for automatic writing sessions by promoting calmness and balance within, allowing one to communicate more easily with those on the other side.

Guidance For Your Automatic Writing Sessions

Preparing yourself for Automatic Writing is an important step in connecting with spirit. Before beginning a session, it’s important to set the intention of your writing and create a peaceful environment that allows you to connect deeply with the spiritual realm.

Clairaudience practice can help open up pathways of communication between you and the spirit world and allow them to come through more easily during automatic writing sessions.

When engaging in Automatic Writing, it’s helpful to have some guidance throughout your sessions. You may want to take time before each session to meditate or do any other type of energy healing or grounding activity that helps bring clarity into your communication with spirit.

Additionally, asking questions out loud prior to starting will allow spirits to communicate what they would like to share with you directly. This kind of direct spirit communication can be incredibly powerful when practiced mindfully and respectfully.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for interpreting your results from the automatic writing experience.

Tips For Interpreting Your Automatic Writing Results

Tips For Interpreting Your Automatic Writing Results

Interpreting the results of your automatic writing can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

To gain the most from this practice, it is important to approach your automatic writings with an open mind and an expectation that you will receive intuitive insights from whatever comes through.

Taking some time afterwards for contemplation in a meditative state can help bring clarity to any messages received as well as provide insight into what they mean to you personally.

It may also be helpful to review your writings at different times or take notes on recurring symbols or themes encountered throughout your sessions.

Allowing yourself time between readings helps create space for new ideas and perspectives to come forth while developing trust in the process itself.

When done regularly, automatic writing can become a powerful tool for personal growth and understanding by providing direct access to our inner wisdom.

With patience and dedication, we can begin accessing deeper levels of insight that often remain dormant within us until unlocked through such a practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Each Automatic Writing Session Last?

Automatic writing sessions should last as long as it takes to feel connected with spiritual guidance and inspired by a meditative approach.

In fact, time almost seems irrelevant when one is deeply engaged in an automatic writing session; the process can be so captivating that hours may pass without notice!

It’s important to find just the right moment of stillness, allowing your body and mind to relax into the experience.

This hyperbolic journey will undoubtedly reveal answers that could never have been reached by conventional thought, taking you deep into realms of insight beyond simply connecting with spirit.

Are There Any Potential Risks Associated With Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing can be a great tool for intuition development and spiritual guidance, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with it.

While this type of divination is generally considered safe, some people may experience feelings of anxiety or unease during or after a session due to its intense nature.

It is always wise to use caution when engaging in any kind of psychic activity, and make sure you take proper care of yourself before, during and after each session.

What Types Of Spirits Should I Connect With Through Automatic Writing?

Connecting with spirit through automatic writing can be a powerful experience – but how do you ensure it’s done safely?

When engaging in this spiritual practice, there are many different types of spirits to connect with. However, some may offer more intuitive guidance than others.

To make sure your journey is as safe and productive as possible, consider connecting with benevolent entities such as guardian angels, ascended masters or even deceased ancestors for direction.

By tapping into these positive energies through alliteration and the keywords ‘connecting safely’ and ‘intuitive guidance’, one can effectively use automatic writing to open up communication between themselves and the divine.

Is Automatic Writing Only For Experienced Psychics?

Automatic writing is an accessible tool that can be used by anyone to connect with inner guidance and altered states. It doesn’t require any prior experience though many experienced psychics use it as a way of tapping into their intuition.

With the right intention and focus, automatic writing can help you access messages from higher realms or even your own subconscious mind!

How Often Should I Practice Automatic Writing?

Recent studies have shown that when it comes to automatic writing, regular practice is key.

Most psychics recommend devoting at least fifteen minutes of your day for preparing a space and connecting with spiritual guidance through automatic writing.

This involves creating an environment conducive to self-reflection, such as playing calming music or lighting some incense.

Once the area has been prepared, sit comfortably in silence and allow yourself to be open to any messages from spirit guides or higher powers.

With consistent practice you can become more experienced in using this method to obtain valuable insight into your life’s journey.


Automatic writing can be a powerful way to connect with the spirit world. Whether you are an experienced psychic or just starting out, taking time for automatic writing sessions will help you further develop your spiritual connection and intuition.

To ensure safe communication with spirits, it’s important to set boundaries before each session and remember that not all entities should be welcomed in.

By allowing yourself to get lost in the process of free-flowing words onto paper, beautiful symbolic images can manifest that open up a whole new realm of understanding.

It is essential to commit to regular practice if you want to make progress – but don’t forget to take breaks when needed too!

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